Kevin LeClair

Passion & Audacity

I’m a front end web developer with a passion for clean code and functional design.

Sass & Gulp

A faster workflow.  My knowledge of new compilers allows me to get code done faster.

WordPress & Responsive Design

No need to understand code.  I can build you custom WordPress themes that will work on mobile devices.

Javascript and jQuery

Where the magic happens.  My JS knowledge can make your website more interactive and fun.


The backbone of the Internet.  I can make your website beautiful and free of unnecessary markup.


My name is Kevin LeClair and I’m a Toronto based Front-End Web Developer. I’m passionate about building beautiful web experiences through cutting edge techniques.

I love learning new techniques and I’m always looking for new ideas to be inspired by.

I am looking for opportunities that will inspire me and continue to push my knowledge of development.


jQuery Plugin

A jQuery plugin that creates beautiful input forms easily. They are animatable and bring a sense of interactivity to an otherwise bland element of web development.

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Javascript API Project

At HackerYou we were tasked with creating a Javascript app that used AJAX calls to retrieve data. For this I chose to created a drum machine that would create itself by taking sounds from the API.

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PSD to Responsive Site

The idea of this project was to take a PSD and make it into a responsive website. The design for the desktop view was provided, but the mobile views were designed by myself.

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jQuery Photo Gallery

A pair programming project with Andrea Crofts. We decided to create a photo gallery based on the top ski resorts in Canada.

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